Clean Burning Autogas

August 27, 2013
Image of mowers

Auxier Gas is happy to promote clean burning Autogas.  Recently Propane Autogas was selected as the fuel of choice by the United States Park Service in Washington DC to fuel the 6 mowers used to mow the grass on the National Mall.  The National mall is over 1,000 acres of grass that is mowed constantly!  Switching to Propane Autogas will save the US Park Service thousands of dollars each month in fuel costs as Propane costs about 30% less than gasoline.  Not only will Propane Autogas save the Park service money, but propane burns cleaner than gasoline, thus keeping the engines greener than gasoline emission vehicles.  If you would like to see a video, click on the link here:  Propane Autogas mowers on the National Mall.   For more information please check out this press release: Please look below and you can see two gasoline mowers that Auxier Gas converted to Propane Autogas for a Cincinnati Landscaper, Holly Bee Lawn care.  Holly Bee has seen a savings already this season by switching to Propane Autogas.